sunnuntai 24. marraskuuta 2013

Hey People!

I'm still writing sometimes when I have time. Time just feels running while I'm working and being married and all other stuff what happens in life. I always try to write more often. Time will tell if I succeed on that.

But if you still are interested read what I'm up to. I recommend to use my new blog address.

Thanks for all who have been interested of my blog. :)

sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2013

Two weeks

For that picture challenge. Two weeks at the same time. 

I need to work on the shooting angles. That's what I have learned. And the quality. Maybe I should start to shoot with my good cameras. Maybe.

torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

Going to a little trip

Oh my good.. I can't really believe this.. Guys, on February I will be off couple weeks and I'm going to Montreal. This feels so unreal like a dream. But so cooool! I will leave on Sunday 10th of February and I have to get back to Finland on 24th of February.

Oh, and I had to almost fight at work to get that week 8 off from work. But I did get it. I am so happy. That  I did get it. Now I have to be so good worker for these weeks.

I'm little scared of the time difference.. Because I will go to work right on 25th day. But I guess I can handle that.. Maybe.

Montreal here I come!

This pic is from last summer.But I think it will be little more colder this time..

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

What a wonderful world this could be

Hi! And happy new year to everyone. I'm so embarrassed.. I promised that I will post about my Riga trip weeks ago. And I still haven't. Lazy me. Now I'm doing it. I think I will do couple post of our trip. Because I have so many pictures I want to share.

Here I am with my friend on the beach at Jurmala. I love this picture of us two. One silent Latvian man took this picture. He didn't really talk to us when we asked him to take a picture. He just nodded his head and was making some kind of hand signs. But he was kind of cute still. I hope this is ok for you Eve? I think no one can identify you here. Oh how I miss the time we spent there. It was such a lovely little trip.

This was on sale. We almost bought this beautiful seaside house. Almost, then we came to out senses. 

But it would be so beautiful. Just little paint on the surface and it would be good as new. Right?

This was my basic pose or it is. I was doing this almost every picture.

Oh sun. Where you have gone my dear? Come back to Finland soon. I miss you my love.


We had quite nice shoes. And nice tights too.

Restaurant. The building was beautiful. Food was.. well mine tasted good. But my friends chicken was gassed to death. And it tasted like that. I don't know what chicken Nazis they were in that restaurant..

I was cranky because it took too much time to get our food portions.

Then they brought to me whole fish. First I was thinking omg.. Can I eat a whole fish? But it was quite good with the lemon. And that vegetable thing was so good.

Some buildings.

There were lots of old buildings for sale and in very bad condition.

Beautiful sea

And my beautiful friend.
Bye and have a nice week coming.


This is my theme song for the next week.

365 days of me

I decided that I will do this little photo challenge. Or maybe it is not that little. Basic idea is to choose some target you are going to take one picture every day. I chose the simplest object to shoot which is me. As I do love myself quite a lot. But subject your going to shoot can really be almost anything. Your child, home backyard, I mean anything.

So my thought is that every end of the week I'm going to publish the pics I took that week. I think this can be funny. And maybe teach something of yourself and photo shooting.  So here comes the pictures from this oh so long week.

This pic is from first hours from first day of 2013. I think my lashes are so cool. 

Early in the morning. 

I kind of wish I could be Pippi Longstocking

  First week is behind now. But there are quite many weeks coming still. In upcoming weeks I will try to work with my face. I just realized how odd faces I'm making here.

maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2012

Camera lenses are not just for shooting anymore

Oh my.. How cool it would be drinking of this mug? This would be a perfect gift for a friend who are interested of photography, right?

Imagine how cool it would be sipping your tea, or coffee or hot chocolate from this mug. Awww<3 It's so cute I feel like dying.. Well not really dying, but it is super cute, that I can say for sure.

I want it! But well.. maybe next time I have a birthday? Hey friends.. Here is little tip for all of you.. :)

Pictures from: photojojo